Green Beauty Rooted In Latin American Botanicals

Latin America has been the beauty industry’s secret treasure trove for clean beauty.

It is home to some of the most biodiversity on the planet, and the plants growing within its rainforests have a long history of use in the health and wellness industry as well as in beauty products.

Grandiosa Elixir Mascara

The Grandiosa Elixir Mascara nourishes lashes with Açaí oil, from the Amazon rainforest, coconut, and green/black tea extracts to help make your eyelashes sweep up to the sky.

Latina America’s Luscious beauty

At PerlaRose we target the vibrant colors associated with Latin America and strive to transform the region's most efficacious and potent ingredients into results-driven beauty products to help you achieve a healthy, vibrant and glowing look.

Glamorosa Gloss

A clean and vibrant lip gloss that cuddles your lips with luxurious luminosity without being sticky.

Formulated with rich nourishing ingredients including Cupuaçu from Brazil (a superfruits growing in the Amazon's rainforest) and Vitamin E. 

Awaken your Latin spirit

Our portfolio of vivid colors will transport you to distant rainforests, tropical beaches and majestic mountain ranges. A quick swipe across the lips will awaken your Latin beauty.

Our dream is to create a positive impact in the beauty industry.

Our portfolio of cosmetics has been
designed to celebrate our diverse clientele and feature their multicultural beauty.

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