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I recently saw Sofia Vergara in Modern Family and wondered what is the secret to her always standing out in the middle of the crowd? This Colombian celebrity always stands out wherever she goes and I wondered if her secret weapon of allure and seduction was none other than her perfect, rich-looking lips. So, how in the world is she always able to pull off those perfect lips? After some research, I figured out that she uses a lip liner to seal her lip color. Brillante!

When buying makeup, lip liners have always been an afterthought to me. I just thought I didn't need them, and I always apply lip color straight from the tube without doing anything else. 

But to my surprise, I discovered that lip liners can actually enhance and perfect our lip’s shape so that our lips look fuller and more even. 

They also serve as a border to keep your favorite lipstick from bleeding or smudging, and you can also actually wear it as a lip color on its own. Woah! So many uses! I was eager to get a lip liner to try out, but realized I didn't know exactly HOW TO CHOOSE A LIP LINER.  

Hay Dios Mio!....There are so many options to choose from. 

But I did learn how and it’s not that difficult after all. So, I’d like to share 3 tips that you should consider when choosing the perfect lip liner for you:

#1 What kind of lip look are you going for? 

Knowing what kind of lip look you are going for will help you when trying to select a great lip liner:

-Are you wanting a very WOW look? Then, choose a lip liner color at least two shades deeper than your lipstick to get a sexy and dramatic lip.  

-Are you wanting a natural look? Then choosing a lip liner color that is as close as possible to the color of your lips is the way to go. 

-Are you wanting your lips to look more plumped? Then creating a border around your lips with a nude color shade will help define them and create a larger, more voluminous look. 

 #2 What type of lip line are you looking for?

Before you rush to the store to buy a lip liner, make sure you know the three different types and what effect they can create on your lips:

-Are you looking for a thin lip line?  A lip liner pencil is the best option for you. A pencil liner will outline the shape of your lips before you fill them in with the same color. 

-Are you looking for a darker lip line? Then a twist-up lip liner is the best option for you. The tip of a twist-up liner is softer than the pencil form and will leave your lips with a heavier, bolder application.  

-Are you looking for an easy application? Then choosing a crayon lip liner is the best option for you. The thick tip of a crayon liner can create a softer look, and is also buildable with incremental applications. 


#3 How do I choose the best lip color for me?


If you are not sure what lip color is best for you, I will recommend that you stick to the same color family as your current lip colors. Por ejemplo:


If your current lipstick is red, use a red lip liner because if you pick a pink liner the colors will clash with each other. The liner and lipstick don’t need to be identical, but make sure you stay within the same shade familia to avoid any awkward looks. 


You should also consider learning about your skin’s undertones in order to choose the most complimentary  lip liners for your skin. If you’re not sure how to find this out, you are welcome to take my quiz to find out your undertones. But overall, according to HaudaBeauty, follow these guidelines: 


1)    For cool skin tones, you should choose lip liners with blue or purple undertones. 

2)    For warm skin tones, you should consider choosing warm shades of lip liner, such as peaches, oranges, etc.

3)    For a neutral skin tone, consider choosing what you love the most as most hues will look good on your complexion. 


I truly love using an invisible lip liner, like this one from Lancome in Universelle. That way I don’t have to worry about whether it matches or blends with my favorite lipsticks. I love applying it before I put on my lipstick because it will prevent any bleeding, feathering or smudging. 


La verdad es que yo no sabia que los. Lip liners will  always be a part of my makeup essentials. Lip Liners help in so many ways, but mostly by enhancing the shape of my lips; they make my lips go from bland to glam. 


I hope you love this article and let me know your comments.





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