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We all want to look our best, to feel our most confident. But who’s got a lot of time to spend on makeup every day? Life is just too busy, for all of us… we’re women, after all!  To make life simpler, I searched for quick makeup tutorials that would help me look and feel fresh, glowy, and natural in the most effortless ways.

I discovered there’s a special term for this type of look: " the no makeup, makeup look”, which means to make ourselves look like we’re not wearing any! Also known as nude makeup, it’s a way to look natural and refreshed with minimal makeup in less time.


Today, I want to share my findings. Here’s four top tips you can use to quickly achieve a natural look.


  1. Limpia e hidrata - Clean and Moisturize:


To create a glowing, natural look, it is important to always keep your skin hydrated. Well-hydrated skin is supple, radiant, and youthful. To get it and keep it, make moisturizer your friend! After cleansing your skin, make sure to apply your favorite. The best moisturizer for you should be based on your specific needs. Is your skin oily, dry, or combination? Everyone is different and knowing what your skin needs will be very helpful when choosing your best moisturizer.


  1. Olvídate de la base y solo usa corrector - Skip the foundation and just correct:


Instead of piling on the foundation, just use a bit of concealer under your eyes, for dark circles, and any other blemishes you want to hide. Pero recuerda (but remember) not to apply too much. A concealer should be used sparingly and only to cover small imperfections. A heavy application can settle into fine lines and counteract a natural look.


  1. Usa tu mejor amiga - Blush and Bronzers:


To get that fresh and sun-kissed natural look, blush and bronzer are two more of your best friends. Start with your cheekbones, and use a small stipple brush to lightly glide over them with blush. Next, take your bronzer, and apply a little underneath your cheekbones and under your jawline.


  1. Resaltador - Highlighter:


A sure-fire way to finish off your fresh, natural, and effortlessly put together look is with a well-placed, well applied highlighter; another great addition to your makeup kit. Highlighters come in powder or stick form and either can do a fantastic job of helping you look naturally rested and bright. Something to keep in mind… less is better. A small, blended dab on the browbones, a dot at the inside corners of each eye, and a subtle sweep at the temples and highest part of the cheekbones will brighten up and polish off your natural look perfectly.

When choosing makeup products to achieve your “no-makeup” natural look, I find it best to use products that are as close of a match to your natural coloring as possible. That means your foundation or concealer should be the same color of your skin and your blush should be the same color as your cheeks. Your perfect bronzer will look slightly darker than your skin, while your highlighter will be a bit lighter. I see this guideline as a simple way to look as natural as you can.


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