¿Quién tiene el tiempo para ponerse labial a cada rato? (Who has the time to reapply lip color every hour?) I feel like I put on the perfect pout in the morning, but by noon the color is all gone. So, I decided to solve this problem and went to figure out five easy hacks to make our lip color stay on forever, well almost.

To get "Operation Long-lasting LipColor” underway, I did some research and here's what I found:

Hack #1

Exfoliate / Exfoliar

According to, if you want your lip color to last, you want to ensure there are no flakes of dead skin on your lips. Exfoliating is a great way to remove any dead skin so that your lip color lasts longer and looks amazing.

Here is a video by MissTaylorxo that shows you how to create an easy and affordable sugar and honey lip scrub. I make this lip scrub at home and use it once a week before going to bed. 

Here is another video. This one is by Chloe Jade Beauty and demonstrates how to properly exfoliate to prepare our lips for any kind of lip color:

Hack #2

Moisturize / Hidrata 

Exfoliating will show newer layers of skin on the lips, which will need hydration right after you exfoliate. So please consider applying a hydrating lip balm after hack #1. Additionally, according to, applying a hydrating lip balm before your lip color will ensure that the lips don't look patchy or flaky and will help your color last longer. 

So before you put on your favorite lipstick, make sure your lips are deeply hydrated. Give your lips enough time to absorb the emollient properties of a balm to allow them to be fully moisturized before applying color.. 

I’ve started to make my own natural lip balm at home by following this recipe by Aja Dang. I like it because it has coconut oil and all natural ingredients that leave my lips so hydrated. 

Hack #4 

Outline your lips with a concealer / Delinea tus labios con un corrector

Outlining your lips with a concealer will act as a kind of lip primer by preventing spill outs, smudging, and less bleeding around the edges. It will automatically make your lipstick stay longer and also make your lips look bigger. I honestly didn't know concealer could play such a big role in my lip love routine!

Here is a video by Jenniffer Fix that shows  how to apply concealer to make your lips look fuller, bigger, and your lip color last longer:

Hack #4

Apply lip liner first / Aplica el delineador de labios primer

Lip liner serves as a layer for the lipstick to grip on to, and it also helps to keep your lip color from bleeding beyond your lip lines. But when drawing the lines of your lips, beware being too strong on the liner as you run the risk of overdrawing them. Instead  mimic the natural edge of your lips. 

According to, you should consider drawing an x in the center of your top lip, then drawing around the outline of your lips in order to get a sharp cupid’s bow. They also recommend that you consider using the point of the lip liner pencil for drawing your lips and then use the pencil base to fill in your whole lip. 

Here is a video by Jennifer Chiu about how to apply lip liner for beginners: 

Hack #5

Blot the lipstick with a tissue / Sequa tus labios con un pañuelo de papel.

Don't you hate it when your lipstick goes all over your favorite coffee mug and then you can't get it off? Or when you kiss your kids and their faces are covered with red lip prints?  Well, by learning how to property do this hack we can avoid all of this. Blotting removes any excess product and will keep your lipstick from transferring onto your teeth, coffee cups, clothes, or your kid’s faces. 

This video by Vintageortacky shows you exactly how to blot your lips the correct way. You'll be surprised to see how we’ve probably been doing this the wrong way!

Finally, something to keep in mind is that sheer, tinted, creamy formulas will be easy to wear and more comfortable, and will last for longer periods of time. While matte and liquid formulas can feel a bit drying and uncomfortable but make a stronger statement.

Como Vez? (What do you think?) “Operation Long-lasting Lip Color” is complete,  and I’ve learned something new to improve my lip’s look with 5 simple hacks. How about you? Did you learn anything new? Tell us your story :)

Now, If I can just figure out how to choose the right Red Lip Color? 

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