Hi Amigas,

When buying lipsticks and eye shadows, any makeup, really… I don’t always know if I’m choosing the right colors for my skin.

Honestamente, I buy products online that look SO good on other girls, but once those products arrive and I try them on my skin… they do not look the same! Ugh… what a disappointment!  Not only do they not look good, but I also can’t return them. There goes my brand new makeup and my money into the trash. It's so frustrating.

So, how DO you pick the right colors for your skin tone?

First, I knew I had to change that bad shopping habit. And I also decided to really get to the task of learning about what colors look best on which skin tones. I knew this would help me to make better decisions “for me” and not be disappointed with my new makeup purchases. There’s so much information online and on YouTube, I spent hours asking beauty experts and researching. And now I want to share my honest insights contigo (with you).

So, here are my 4 cents on color and your skin:

1. Know your undertone/Conoce tu subtono de la piel:

Información es poder, so knowing your undertone is super important because it will help you with selecting the right shade of colors for your complexion. Whether you are super pale or have very dark skin, undertones fall into three basic categories: warm, cool, and neutral—(and each of these has its own tones.) To make it easier for you to figure out what undertone you have, I made this quiz for you ❤️❤️

It will reveal which colors the beauty experts suggest go best with your skin tone.

If your skin has bluish, red, or pink tones: you have a COOL undertone. Consider trying oceanic shades. Specifically eyeshadows that are white, black, royal blue, gray, and navy. Accentuate your lips in red, pink or purple hues, and enhance your pink pigment with pale, rosy blush. Colors to Avoid: Oranges and yellows.

Examples of Cool Skin Undertones (source) Getty Images/Claire Williams


If you are a mixture of both warm and cool: you have a NEUTRAL undertone.
Suertuda! (lucky you!) Experts say that just about any cosmetic looks great on your natural complexion. So consider wearing colors that naturally compliment your eyes and hair such as cream, lavender, and baby pink. Colors to Avoid: Anything too bright like neons, electric blues, yellows or reds.

Examples of Neutral Undertones (source) Getty Images/Claire Williams

If your skin looks golden, peachy, or yellow: you have a WARM undertone. If you have golden brown skin, think of trying colors found in the sunset, or colors that are earthy and compliment your natural glow; shades like bronze, gold, or rust. Your cheeks would look great highlighted with a coral blush, and your lips with shades of peach, coral, and red. Colors to Avoid: Icy shades and jewel tones (amethyst, sapphire, ruby).

Examples of Neutral Undertones (source) Getty Images/Claire Williams

While I was assessing my own skin coloring and undertones, I realized the best time to really investigate is right when you wake up and have no makeup on. So, consider checking out your skin in the morning to see what natural undertones you can discover. And remember, if you need help, take my quiz.

As a Latina, I discovered that like most Latinas, I have warm undertones. Sticking with makeup colors in warm shades like the ones listed above, is the best way to compliment my skin tone.

Here’s a video I found helpful when learning more about  “How to pick the best lipstick shades for your skin tone”


2. Try your favorite lipstick colors in different finishes/ Prueba tus colores de labios favoritos en diferentes acabados:

Sometimes I love how my girlfriend's hot pink lipstick looks on her, and even though I know it’s not the best color for my skin tone, I want it! So I try that pink color in a sheer or a gloss to satisfy my love for the color. There are lots of different lipstick finishes to try out if you really want to use colors that are not particularly for your skin tone. Some of my friends are always complaining that they have such trouble finding the perfect red lipstick for their skin, but maybe they should stop looking at that perfect matte red lipstick and instead find a red gloss or a red sheer lipstick. Osea (in other words), don't settle for the idea that certain lipstick colors don't look good on you, because if you try them in a different finish, they could really work well. We love the colors we love, so try them out!

If you want more information about lipstick finishes, here's a great video:

3. You don't have to wear what is trendy/No tienes que usar lo que está de moda:

Recuerda (remember) amigas, you don't always have to wear what is trendy or in season. I often see a lot of famous beauty YouTubers trying seasonal or trendy color products and although trends are fun and look amazing on them, I don't want you to feel the pressure to have to try or buy those products. I personally stay away from trendy colors and instead stay in trend with seasonal formulas. For instance, I opt for cream formulas in the winter to help moisturize my skin, which may be drier during those cold months. When it’s summer and I'm sweaty, I stick to powder products that won’t make me look shinier or oilier than I already am (and won’t melt off my face in the heat and humidity...lol). Also, when traveling, pack for that climate. :)

4. Do you like how it looks on you?/Te gusta como se ve?

By now you know your skin’s undertone and all the guidelines about how to use color. Pero honestamente (but honestly), after reading so many articles about color rules, right and wrong choices, and how not to make a mistake, I came to this conclusion. Although it’s perfectly okay to check out what the experts are saying, you should use the colors that YOU personally like! The colors you believe express your authentic self and make you feel good. Here’s the way I'm going to find out if certain colors work for me: By looking in the mirror and asking myself:  

a. Do I like it?
b. Does it make me feel good?
c. If yes, I'm going for it!

Feel comfortable with the way YOU want to look, with what is authentic to you. Remember, you only live once (como solo se vive una vez), so you should go for colors that you like on you. Just like they say in the fashion industry... The number one rule is there are no rules.

En conclusión amigas, when picking the right colors for your makeup routine, my advice is to take note of what the experts say, but truly choose the colors that work with your personal style and that you love. For me personally, I always like to choose colors that really mimic the natural things I see in my skin. I love making myself look like I'm not wearing any makeup (the no-makeup makeup look). For example, my lipstick matches the color of my lips, my eyeshadow is almost the color of my eyelids, etc...

I’m very thankful for your time spent reading this article and I truly hope it helps you with your color search journey. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends. Also, I would love to hear from you! Tell me your story or send me an email on what other content ideas you are looking to read about here.


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