Hola Amigas,

A bold matte lip is a classic makeup look and it's such a simple way to look finished and polished with a minimal amount of effort.

Yo soy Perla - the founder of PerlaRose Beauty, and I'm here to teach you how to accomplish a perfect bold lip when you want to rock a matte color.

Para un labio atrevido, hay cuatro cosas clave en las que siempre debes pensar:
(To a bold lip there are four key things that you should always think about:)

#1 Prep
Exfoliate and Hydrate

The night before you want to showcase your luscious bold lips, give them a good exfoliation using a natural lip scrub, like this one by Burt’s Bees. Use your fingers or even use a spare toothbrush to gently scrub your lips. Exfoliating removes every flake and dry patch on your lips and preps them for the next step.

Ahora que tus labios estan suaves (now that your lips are smooth), consider applying a hydrating lip balm. Just make sure you choose a waxy lip balm and not an oily lip balm. Most contain both a wax and an oil, but an overly oily balm could cause your lipstick to bleed. And remember not to use the lip balm right before you apply your lipstick. This could also cause it to bleed.

#2 Prime
Prime and Define

Whether you use a light layer of concealer or buy a specific lip primer, like this one from Ulta, you should consider priming your lips in some way before adding any color. Lo que yo hago es: I simply line and pat my lips with a very small amount of cream concealer to make my lipstick pigments pop.

Now that your lips are primed, it’s time to define them by lining them. By defining the outer lines of your lips you can keep your lip color on your lips all day and avoid the color-bleeding vampire look. Simply follow your natural lip line with a lip liner. You can even use it to fill in your lips as well. You don’t necessarily have to match your lip liner exactly to your lipstick. Instead, try what I do and use a clear lip pencil that creates a colorless barrier to prevent my lipsticks from feathering. That way I can use any shade of lipstick or gloss.

But you should know that using a liner in a shade that matches your lipstick usually gives you a more intense overall color.

#3 Fill
Apply Your Color!

Your lips are now thoroughly exfoliated, hydrated, primed and lined… you are ready for the best part! Time to reach for your favorite lip color. Whether you choose a lipstick or liquid lipstick, when creating a bold lip, consider choosing a matte finish. Pero asegurate (but be sure) to stay within the lines of your previously and perfectly defined lips.

Not sure what bold lip color to choose from? Check out my blog about what lip color to try.

#4 Finish
Set the Lips

Last but not least, you don’t want to skip this game-changing step. It’s time to set your beautifully colored lips. Lightly press a tissue to your lips to blot the color. This will remove any excess lipstick to ensure the color lasts longer.

After you blot your lips, take another tissue and separate the layers so you have just a single sheet. Hold it over your lips, and apply a thin layer of setting powder. You could apply it directly, but run the risk of crusty lips. So consider using a tissue to set the powder.

Finally, once you’ve set your lipstick with the powder, you might consider applying another layer of your bold lip color as needed.

Es todo Amigas. I hope this helped you create your most amazing, Perfect Bold Lips.

Hasta La Proxima.

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