Hola Amigas,

We all know them, we all love them… some of the most iconic female Latina celebrities in the film, television, and music industries. What’s more, at least for me, is our curiosity over the details of their ever-glamorous looks. Their fashion, their hair, and for me especially, their makeup. 

Since I've been focusing on lipsticks this month with the upcoming launch of my very own lipstick line, Amorosa Lip Collection by Perla Rose, today we’ll be taking a look at some of our favorite celebrities’ favorite lipstick colors. 

Let’s kick off our exploration with one of the most famous, most recognizable and most influential Latina women of our time; none other than Jennifer Lopez. Although J. Lo can rock a bold, bright red any day or night of the week, her go-to look is all about a nude lip. And she knows just how to do it right. A nude lip puts the focus on her other amazing features and her perfect, glowing skin. Plus, a nude lip really helps create the perfect pout. 

Some beautiful J. Lo inspired nude lipsticks for a variety of skin tones are:

For fair skin, a great choice is Two Faced Melted Matte Liquified Longwear Lipstick in Cool Girl.

For medium skin, try Flesh Beauty Fleshy Lips sheer in Hungry.

For a dark skin tone, Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in So 90s.

Let’s continue our celeb lip color exploration with another amazing woman who has graced our television and movie screens for decades; the one and only Salma Hayek. Salma is not only an accomplished actress, she is also passionate about skin care and makeup like I am. And although it’s no longer available except from third party vendors on Amazon and Ebay, her favorite colors in her Nuance line were Blooming Red and Plum. Lucky for us, there’s a fantastic look-a-like that blends the two rich colors together so perfectly, called Kosas Weightless Lipstick in Darkroom. It’s the most amazing blend of purplish red that looks great on nearly every intensity of cool or neutral skin.

Let’s take a look at a woman best known for her roles in numerous mega-blockbuster movies; Zoe Saldana. Zoe is also known for her bold red lip and she knows how to own her look. To get a high-impact, Zoe Saldana inspired look, try this statement-making go-to lipstick; Laura Mercier Rouge Essential Cream Lipstick in Rogue Electrique.

Another one of our favorite Latina celebs and a chart-topping artist, actress and producer is Salena Gomez. Salena is inspiring not only because of her musical and on-screen talents, but also because she’s a non-stop force of energy for good, even against some difficult obstacles. Salena also created her own makeup line called Rare Beauty, and a portion of her sales goes to help fund mental health services for the underprivileged. One of her absolute staple lip colors for day or night in her collection is her Rare Beauty Lip Souffle Matte Lip Cream in Inspire, a true, bright red that works with a variety of skin tones. 

Another accomplished American-Latina actress and producer, Rosario Dawson, known for her vast and varied movie career likes to keep things natural. Even still, a natural look with a little pop of color is this celeb’s standard. She’s been known to wear Guerlain Lip Tint in Cocoa Love on the red carpet on numerous occasions. However, as of this writing, her go-to seems to be discontinued. Sorry, Rosario. But a super close match with a buttery-soft and natural looking, glowy pop of color is Rouge G de Guerlain in no. 95. 

Finally, we couldn’t forget about the bubbly and spirited Sofia Vergara, actress, producer, presenter and model. But this color story is a little different. Because of the wine colored lip Sofia always wears with such confidence and ease… a color her beauty is forever associated with, Charlotte Tilbury created a lipstick in homage and in honor of this beloved celeb. To try out Sofia’s signature look, check out Hot Lips 2 in Viva La Vergara.

Well, amigas, there you have it. Six incredibly accomplished Latinas, six looks to try on yourself. If you’ve got other celeb favs to share, tell me all about it here.

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