Hola Amigas,

Now that we are starting to show our fabulous lips again, it’s time to shop for new lipsticks. We deserve it! But there are literally thousands of different lipsticks available in every conceivable  color, tone, intensity and finish, so finding one that you like best can be overwhelming. Confundida? Don’t worry amiga!, Aqui estoy para ayudarte (I'm here to help). 

La verdad es que, many shades will probably look good enough on you (which is how you end up unwittingly collecting a dozen red lipsticks), but if you are going to find just the right new lip color, here are 3 tips to find the shade that could look best on you.

Tip #1 

Know your skin tone/ Conoce tu tono de piel 

Do you know yours? (Sabes cual es el tuyo)? 

Choosing the best lip color shades to compliment your skin begins with knowing your skin tone. Not sure you know your’s? Es hora de checar tus alhajas. If it's filled with white/silver metals, you probably have a cool undertone. If it contains mostly gold items, it is very likely that your hue is warm. We naturally gravitate toward the metals that best compliment our skin tone. But if you still can't tell, take this quiz I made for you to figure it out..


Tip #2

Color Code 101/ Codigo de Color 101


Now that you know your skin tone, you can consider following these general rules of color: 


White or fair skin with warm undertones:

Try warm pinks, coral, peach or beige with a peachy undertone.


White or fair skin with cool undertones:

Choose skin- toned pink, light pinks and mauves.


Medium skin with warm undertones:

Try dark coral and peach shades. 


Medium skin with cool undertones:

Pink, mauve, cherry, or blueberry tones look best.


Dark skin with warm undertones:

Take a look at warm dark browns. 


Dark skin with cool undertones:

Look for shades of ruby, wine, and dark plum. 


If you want to showcase a super natural look, choose colors within your range of shades. But, if you are looking for a WOW moment, or when you want to attract attention to those beautiful bold lips, choose colors that are opposite to your shades.

Tip #3

Pick a color that makes you happy/escoje un color que te haga feliz

Oftentimes I really want to wear a beautiful nude lip color, but with my warm olive skin, those shades don’t always align with what is supposed to look best on me. But… I'll usually try it anyway. Because I want to. If you feel like wearing a color that might not traditionally look good on you, try it anyway! Just do it. Allow yourself the freedom of experimentation and of wearing what you want, when you want. Express yourself, because there are no hard rules.

Because you deserve it!


I hope this article has helped you in finding the best lip color for your precious skin and face. 

Let us know what you decided to pick. 

Hasta la proxima,


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