Hola Amigas,

If you believe that the eyes are the windows to your soul, then you won’t be surprised to find out what your lips can reveal about your personality. 

Your lips are the most important asset of your individual beauty. According to experts, judging someone's true nature can easily be based on their lip colour.

Plus,  a bad lipstick color can make or break your entire look. There are a large range of shades that you can wear, but what colors you choose on a day-to-day basis says a lot about your personality or mood at the time.

Here I’ll explain how each of the shades in our new Amorosa Lipstick Collection relates to our personalities, can reflect who we are underneath the surface, and the ideal skin tone each works with best. 


This light warm pink reflects a cheerful and sweet disposition and a sentiment for family and friends. You are a thoughtful and feminine individual who is gentle and kind. This neutral rose pink with a warm, yellow undertone and a matte finish is beautiful on warm light to medium-dark skin. 


Although nude is typically considered a very neutral shade, this shade is only neutral in color. It is a bold color choice that reflects a sophisticated individual that is poised and put together. You are organized and can be very serious about things close to your heart and mind. Pure and honest in nature, transparent of heart. This true nude with a neutral undertone and cream finish is perfect for fair or lighter to medium skin tones. 


You love time alone as much as you love it with friends and family. You are nurturing and always find time to have coffee with those who are important to you. You always know the right thing to say to someone, which is why people seek you out for advice. This mauve-berry lip color with a neutral undertone and a matte finish is beautiful on a light to medium-dark skin tone.


You are energetic and like to stay busy. Add risk-taker to your list of qualities. You surround yourself with characters as colorful, intense and full of life as you are. A social butterfly, you are always quick, witty, and ready for action. This shade is plum with a violet undertone, and is a playful choice for any cool toned skin.

You know how to have fun and it is infectious. Whether you are on the beach, at a party, or at an intimate gathering, you know how to entertain an audience with funny anecdotes and stories. Saucy and serious, you’re also silly and sincere. Simply put, you are significant. This red-orange shade with a warm yellow undertone and a matte finish is perfect for a range of warm skin tones.


Passionate about life and learning, you are a true romantic. You can be dramatic at times but only because you feel things so deeply. You love reading and movies, a love story or adventure, as long as there is a happy ending. And because you no longer have to play dress up, you always get to be enchanting. This berry red with a cool undertone and matte finish is recommended for medium to darker cool skin tones. 


This color has two very different sides. One side shows a very proud, fierce, bold personality. You know what you want and are determined to succeed. The other side of this color shows a classic romantic that prioritizes love, family, and tradition. You are very versatile and transition well from one situation to the next. Sensual and confident, this dark coral red with a cool undertone works with many skin tones, especially neutral or cool. 

So… which Amorosa Lip Color suits your personality best? Having trouble deciding? Try a few! You can find them here. And if you need help determining your skin tone, take my quiz.  And remember, you’ll never go wrong with Amorosa Lip Collection colors because all 7 tantalizing shades are:


Alright, Amigas… I hope you found some inspiration to express your inner self through color! Let me know your thoughts. And until next time…



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