Mucho gusto!

I believe that you can transform yourself into the beautiful woman who lives inside of you by bringing out the best in yourself.

I created PerlaRose beauty to celebrate Latin America’s incredible green beauty through high-performance products that celebrate our diverse clientele and their multicultural beauty.

I hope to delight you with clean, colorful and conscious beauty products that awaken your spirit, fuel you with vibrancy, hope and optimism.

Con Amor,



My Inspiration

I was inspired by my daughter, a young, blooming, and beautiful rose. She is the perfect combination of multicultural backgrounds; she is both a vibrant Latina and confident American.

Watching my daughter’s fascination with beauty and her desire to wear a shiny lip gloss just like her friends, I went on a mission to find safe and natural products for even a child’s lips. When that was impossible, I knew I had to create a line of clean products made from the highest quality ingredients.

Inspired by the vibrancy of Latin America and its legendary green botanicals, I created the first Latin American luxury beauty brand for women, by women.

Our Story

We originally launched our Amorosa collection to uplift women and celebrate Latin American culture, which is big, bold and powerful.

Latin American women care about their lip health and cherish color. We wanted to create a lipstick collection that is a cylinder of artistic expression. We care about what you put into your mouth.

When we launched, we had no connections, just a dream of delivering clean, vibrant and natural products. The beauty industry is “controlled” by large, global beauty companies. It is very difficult to break into the marketplace and “break through the noise.”

As an emerging brand, we had to undergo rejection and high manufacturing costs due to our small orders. However, as we have evolved and grown, we have become “gloriosas” in creating something innovative with the power of nature.

Help us share the warmth of Latin America with every product you purchase!

PerlaRose’s Mission

To create a portfolio of clean, colorful, and conscious beauty products that celebrate Latin America’s multicultural beauty.

Let us take you to faraway worlds and awaken your spirit by bringing the warmth and vibrancy of Latin America's culture into your everyday life.

Thank you